You will need Twin Air Bio Degradable Dirt Remover, hot water and a bucket or another suitable container. Please take extra care when using hot water and always check for the label for allergy advice.
  1. Remove the dirty air filter and put the air box cover and exhaust plug in.
  2. Remove the cage before cleaning the filter.
  3. In the container put 3 liters of very hot water and add approximately 100 ml of the Bio Dirt Remover for each filter you wish to clean.
  4. Fully submerge the filter into the water and apply pressure so that the filter stay in this position. Leave it to soak for at least 12 hours or over night.
  5. Squeeze out the filter a several times, but do not twist it!
  6. Repeat the above steps until all the dirt has been removed.
  7. Rinse the filter under warm tab water until all cleaning agent has been removed. Squeeze the excessive water out, but do not twist!
  8. Allow several hours to air dry and when completely dry pre-oil again before placing back into the bike.