Name/Nickname: Howard (Dynamite) Wainwright

Racing bike and team: Honda 150cc, MXW Racing

Racing experience: More than 10 years

Titles: 2015 Pirelli British Championship

Adult MX idol: James Stewart (I like his style and commitment to the sport.)

Hi Howard! How are you feeling after last weekend's Weston Beach race? Happy with your performance or there is something you would have changed?

My feeling for last weekend's beach race are very positive. The bike performed great and I loved the track. I enjoyed every second I was out there and the straight was probably the best part! 

Was that your first time at the race or you have been before? What did you think of this year's event?

I took part last year (2014), but I din't perform as good as I did on this year's Beach Race. I thought the whole event was great and I would like to thank Gareth and his crew for putting it on and making it possible.

You have had a great year so far, can you tell us some of the highlights from it? How will you remember 2015 racing-wise?

Yes, 2015 was probably my best year so far. The highlight was most certainly winning the Pirelli British Championship. I was very emotional for me and my family as they are my greatest supporters, and I wouldn't have done it without them. It was also quite a difficult year, so I was over the moon to step on the podium with the 1st place. 

In terms of your performance, is there anything particular you worked on this year and have you determined any directions for improvement? Have you got any tips from your sponsors?

This year I have changed my attitude towards racing and started to take it more seriously. I would definitively say I've had more time on the bike and I've focused a lot more on the bike's performance on different track and under different conditions. That helped me a lot when I was preparing for a race.

I am trying now to invest more time into exercising and generally keeping fit - I do a lot of running and cycling during the week or whenever I have time really.

My team and sponsors have been very supportive and I could not have done it without their help and advice. 

You seem pretty clear about the direction you are taking with your racing performance. On top of that you have a whole year ahead of you to get there! What are your plans for 2016?

My plans for 2016 will be to move up into the MXy2 class and participate in the Pirelli British Masters again. I also have my eye on the British Youth Nationals and I may try to wildcard some other national meetings.