The need of custom suspension

A tailor made suspension directly improves traction, control, and comfort cannot be overlooked.

Unfortunately manufacturers cannot address suspension to meet the needs of an individual rider and mass-produce suspensions that must cover a wide variety of riders, conditions and tracks Based upon that the need for a tailor-made suspension becomes evidently clear for riders seeking enhanced performance.

Maximizing the control, performance and safety of the bike should also result in higher levels of comfort and enjoyment for the rider and superior racing capabilities for the bike.

The Variables

The bike, suspension, application, rider and conditions are not all the same. To build a tailored suspension for a particular racer, the suspension company must look at three main variables separately and then address them as a whole-the bike, the application and the rider.

The bike-make, type and year;

The application-type of racing, conditions, track, bike history;

The rider- weigh, height and their skills, the rider's strengths and weaknesses, as well as level of experience and training;

The approach

From the development of a custom suspension, to the execution and final testing, the needs of the rider should be met with a great amount of knowledge and precision from the mechanical team. Often customers don’t have a variety of options in terms of who will perform the customization, but also the available options are unsuitable, misleading or poor value for money.

The execution

MXW Racing stands out of the crowd with 25 years in the industry and more than 20 years of quality and innovative suspension solutions for a variety of professional racers. Our mechanics deliver an entire tailor made suspension package and individual advice to all customers.  MXW Racing mechanics are committed to ensuring that even the most basic aspects of a suspension tuning are performed correctly with a laser like focus to detail. The precision and vast knowledge visibly translate into quality and durability, without compromising the integrity and exploiting the trust of our customers.

MXW Racing individually assesses each suspension for aspects that prove to be efficient and aspects which could be modified to produce a superior hybrid approach. After many years, and hundreds of hours of research, MXW Racing’s Suspension Department has produced a working platform for the continual improvement of suspension and its applications.

In terms of customer service, we take extreme care from the initial customer inquiry to the customer consultation process and final testing arrangements. We also provide a range of supporting services and advice to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

We address all aspects and build custom works with enhanced control and stability. We believe that only by taking a holistic approach to tuning - balancing spring rate, piston design, and valve settings -  a rider can have the most control and the least compromise.