We have re-styled the website to match our strive for innovation and modern design

We conducted an extensive survey and established a few key areas that needed an update. One of them was the look of the website- we scrapped the grid and the heavy industrial look from and replaced it with sleek black lines and fresh new colours. We aimed to add more good quality imagery and icons, as well as clear separation between sections and pages. The end result is more than impressive, as the website has been designed by an award winning agency with the active involvement from Motocross World.

We made it easier than ever to browse our catalogue

With more than 27,000 items on offer and hundreds more ready to be launched, we needed an easy navigation system to help you around. We have organized the parts into categories and subcategories – engine parts, riding gear, accessories and much more. Just click on the BIKE tab for all parts, RIDER for apparel, protection and accessories and HONDA OEM for original parts. The rest is down to us. With a special section for offers and limited edition promos you have everything you need for a weekend away racing.

Now you get even more with MXW account

If you spare a minute to register with us you will get regular updates with the best deals, new releases and discount codes! We will also give you access to premium content and will tailor a list with products that might interest you, based on your latest purchases. To top it all off, there will be hassle-free check out and the security of having your details safely encrypted by our servers.

To be continued…