MXW Racing

MXW Racing is the racing division of Motocross World. It was founded to satisfy an increasing demand for a reliable and consistent motor and suspension tuning. Our mission statement is a simple one, “To build the fastest, best handling and most reliable race machines - period “. Focusing entirely on developing faster and more powerful motors, MXW Racing has its own on site dyno and engineering race shop. Our Suspension department uses only the latest technology devices and professional mechanics with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

As we have been around for so long, we have had the time to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. We have two fully equipped and functioning departments to support all things race-related, where we make the alterations and test the parts. We have developed most of our techniques while working with our racers and their performance have been a crucial factor for the development of the service portfolio we now have.

MXW Racing Performance Products are dedicated to bringing you the best in quality, style and performance. Designed, developed and tested to the extreme for one goal- to make your racing performance the best it can be. MXW Racing provides suspension and engine modifications, hard parts and technical support for racers of all levels of experience and age, for use on all types of tracks.

In a sport where no detail of performance can be overlooked, MXW Racing has risen to the challenge and established itself as the Total Performance Solution Provider in the United Kingdom