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Step into the winners circle with MXW Racing

Building championship winning motors is not an easy task, it takes years of experience to develop an intimate knowledge of what will and will not work!

MXW Racing engineers have over 25 years of experience in engine building and machine shop techniques. We have had the privilege to work with the most talented riders in the industry and this has allowed MXW Racing to develop products and services for superb performance. This investment is allowing us to design and build your motorcycle, whether used for racing or recreation, to outlast and outperform the competition. MXW Racing's technical abilities and precision in using flow benches and in house dyno technology, coupled with countless hours of track testing and racing, produces results that put us on top positions in the industry here in the UK.

MXW Racing does not perform unnecessary motor work, we run only the modifications that produce the best results. At MXW Racing, special attention provides dependable high performance service. We aim at getting impressive horsepower gains that are both reliable and usable. We tailor the power to best suit your individual requirements and skill level.

If that is not impressive enough, MXW Racing has been producing championship winning machines since 1994, with over 20 British championships and a few American amateur championships to our credit.

2 stroke services

The 2-sroke services include disassembly and cleaning of your cylinder. Exhaust valves (where applicable) are cleaned and inspected for damage. All airflow port passages are carefully inspected and modified for superior airflow. All porting specs are designed on a computer programme based on an extensive research and development in the field. Cylinder heads are modified to compliment the change in cylinder airflow. All cylinders must have a head modification in order to maximize cylinder porting benefits. Cylinder are reassembled and exhaust valves are timed. If additional parts are necessary or recommended we will call you to get your approval before replacement.


4 stroke services

Includes the removal and inspection of valve springs, retainers, buckets, shims and seals. Valve clearances are checked and shims are replaced where necessary. Sealing surfaces are lapped to ensure secure closure and a high performance SERDI valve job is performed. Heads are then internally altered to improve airflow through the head. After porting and flow testing is complete, the head is reassembled with new valve seals. If additional parts are necessary, or recommended, we will call you to get your approval before replacement.


Power-up kits

MXW Racing Power-Up kits offer the ultimate solution for increased performance and durability. Designed to produce a maximum horsepower advantage while retaining complete reliability. By retaining reliability you are protecting your investment and insuring against mechanical DNF.

The Power-up Kit works as a whole, the combination of motor work and bolt on components have been strenuously bench tested, dyno tested and race tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability. MXW Racing has its own on site Dyno and machine shop, which means all the work is done and tested on site and by us.

Its assuring to know that there is a company that will do exactly as they promise - deliver a world class performance package that will suit you and your budget. Each Power-up kit comes with a "set-up" manual to assist you in installing your Kit correctly for each track. MXW Racing offers online technical support and expert advice whenever needed.


Isotropic super finish (ISF)

Any time two metal parts come into contact, the resulting friction causes heat to build up. These high temperatures on the engine lead to wearing off and reducing efficiency and eventually create the need for replacement. By creating a smooth and shiny finish, the ISF process increases the life expectancy and efficiency of moving metal parts. This increased durability translates into both lower operating costs and improved performance. The Isotopic Super Finish is a physio-chemical process, using high density, non-abrasive ceramic media and conventional vibratory finishing equipment in which large batches of parts can be processed at the same time.

The ISF process removes the surface asperities inherent in machining processes. By safely removing these microscopic peaks, the ISF process leaves a highly uniform surface which reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability. While the dimensional integrity remains intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, more quiet operation and increased time between maintenances.

REM's patented ISF process has been tested, proven, certified and is currently in use in many different industries. It is highly successful on parts that operate under extreme conditions. No matter what you product, the Isotopic Super Finish will greatly improve performance of your parts and will save you time, energy and money.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved bending fatigue resistance
  • Increased power output and efficiency
  • Reduced lubrication maintenance
  • Quieter operation
  • Reduces rotational torque
  • No metallurgical degradation
  • No geometrical degradation