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The need of custom suspension

A tailor made suspension directly improves traction, control, and comfort cannot be overlooked.

Unfortunately manufacturers cannot address suspension to meet the needs of an individual rider and mass-produce suspensions that must cover a wide variety of riders, conditions and tracks. Based upon that, the need for a tailor-made suspension becomes evidently clear for riders seeking enhanced performance.

Maximizing the control, performance and safety of the bike should also result in higher levels of comfort and enjoyment for the rider and superior racing capabilities for the bike.

The Variables

The bike, suspension, application, rider and conditions are not all the same. To build a tailored suspension for a particular racer, the suspension company must look at three main variables separately and then address them as a whole-the bike, the application and the rider.

The Bike-make, type and year;

The application-type of racing, conditions, track, bike history;

The Rider- weigh, height and their skills, the rider's strengths and weaknesses, as well as level of experience and training;

The approach

From the development of a custom suspension, to the execution and final testing, the needs of the rider should be met with a great amount of knowledge and precision from the mechanical team. Often customers don’t have a variety of options in terms of who will perform the customization, but also the available options are unsuitable, misleading or poor value for money.

The execution

MXW Racing stands out of the crowd with 25 years in the industry and more than 20 years of quality and innovative suspension solutions for a variety of professional racers. Our mechanics deliver an entire tailor made suspension package and individual advice to all customers. MXW Racing mechanics are committed to ensuring that even the most basic aspects of a suspension tuning are performed correctly with a laser like focus to detail. The precision and vast knowledge visibly translate into quality and durability, without compromising the integrity and exploiting the trust of our customers.

MXW Racing individually assesses each suspension for aspects that prove to be efficient and aspects which could be modified to produce a superior hybrid approach. After many years, and hundreds of hours of research, MXW Racing’s Suspension Department has produced a working platform for the continual improvement of suspension and its applications.

In terms of customer service, we take extreme care from the initial customer inquiry to the customer consultation process and final testing arrangements. We also provide a range of supporting services and advice to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

We address all aspects and build custom works with enhanced control and stability. We believe that only by taking a holistic approach to tuning - balancing spring rate, piston design, and valve settings - a rider can have the most control and the least compromise.


Quick info: Offering a variety of services including full wash and inspection, custom work for removing all imperfections and optimizing the seal life of the forks and their performance.


Once we have revalved the forks of your bike, after every 20-25 hours or 3 months spent riding you should bring them back to service for optimal performance. You should also consider the Rebuild Service if the bike is changing ownership or is transferring from off-road to motocross, if the bike is transferred to a new terrain or the rider has changed their weight or improved their skills.

You can personally bring the forks for servicing or you can contact us for more information about the convenient delivery and pick-up services we offer. (find out more) *link to order/ship suspension?

After receiving your suspension at our Technology Centre, our team of highly skilled mechanics will completely disassemble the forks, clean them thoroughly and measure them for wear. Past the initial inspection the fork tubes will be honed and polished to remove all imperfections. The final stage of the process is re-assembling the fork tubes, adding the fork fluid and adjusting the volume and the height of it.

As a little something extra in return of your suspension investment, MXW Racing will always update suspensions that have been previously modified with us.


Parts and oil NOT included in the price (£TBA + VAT).

Revalaving and Modifications


We provide two additional services you can purchase as add-ons to your main suspension servicing. Please make sure you book them before we receive your suspension here at MXW Racing. All indicated prices are per end.

  • Height Reduction Service – Available in addition to both Rebuild and Revalve services and great option for forks with shorter inseams. The process is 100% reversible. £TBA + VAT
  • Suspension Removal – Our team will remove, service or revalve and then re-insert your suspension. £TBA + VAT


Quick info: Available services include service and clean, polishing, fitting custom multi frequency MX-Tech valves and a variety of add-ons.


MXW Racing will take your shock and it will be completely disassembled and cleaned, inspected and measured for wear. Shock shafts will be honed and polished to remove any imperfections. Shock will be re-assembled, bled with special HVI shock fluid and set nitrogen pressure and clickers.

As an incentive for maximizing your suspension investment, MXW Racing always updates suspension that was previously modified in-store. As technology advances, you can continue to take advantage of MXW Racing's ongoing research. We recommend servicing at least every 3 months.

Cost of Service - £TBA + VAT

Parts and oil (£TBA + VAT) not included in cost i.e. seals, bushings etc.

Revalve and Modifications

MXW Racing suspension revalving allows you to get the maximum control from your suspension. This is recommended for the rider who is looking for the complete "factory bike" setup. We service your components and re-assemble your suspension with a new MX-Tech valve and our exclusive multiple frequency valving, specifically designed according to your weight and riding style. Clickers are set at a starting point and a tuning guide is supplied, which is also available from this site as a download, to assist you in fine tuning your suspension. We also provide complete post purchase support service

Prices vary for each bike listed below are the options

Parts and oil (£TBA + VAT) not included in cost i.e. springs, seals, bushings etc.

50cc Auto's
Cost of Modifications - £TBA + VAT

Cost of Modifications - £TBA + VAT

Cost of Modifications - £TBA + VAT

CR85/KTM85/RM85/YZ85 - includes new MX-Tech piston.
Cost of Modifications - £TBA + VAT

125cc and up - includes new MX-Tech piston.
Cost of Modifications - £TBA + VAT

Optional Extras

Extended Bladder Caps - Gives a larger nitrogen volume to reduce the heat build-up in your rear shock, helps prevent shock fade. Anodised for that factory look. Available for CR85/KX85/RM85/YZ85, all Kayaba shocks and all Showa shocks - £TBA + VAT Hard Anodising Shock Body - Available for all bikes a must for all mini bikes (50cc to 150cc) to stop internal wear and contamination, sealed with PTFE to reduce friction. - £TBA + VAT

Heavy Duty Bump Rubbers - Redesigned bump rubbers to give you reduced bottoming. Available for CR85/KX85/RM85/YZ85, all Kayaba shocks and all Showa shocks. From £TBA + VAT

Height Reduction Service - Available whilst we are performing a service or revalving, a great option for those with shorter inseams, a process that is 100% reversible. - £TBA + VAT (per end).

Suspension Removal - To remove and replace your suspension on your bike for service/modifying - £TBA + VAT (per end)

Honda (HPSD) Steering Damper Services

MXW Racing offers Rebuild and Revalve services for the Honda CRF (HPSD) Steering dampers. The Showa units for the CRF250R, CRF450R and CRF450X should be serviced in 40-50 hour intervals in order to maintain their performance and damping characteristics.

In addition, MXW Racing has tested the service with a variety of riders and different valve settings to determine which settings increase damping in both directions of the unit's movement. The performance advantage is noticed mostly during deceleration in fast sections and choppy or rough braking bump terrain. Acceleration stability is also improved in flat choppy sections or for the off-road riders - rocks and roots sections as well.

MXW Racing has all the common wear parts available for your damper: Oil Seal, Dust Seal, Shaft Guide Bushing, Floating Piston Seal and Clips.

Cost of Rebuild - £TBA + VAT

Cost of Revalve/Rebuild - £TBA + VAT

Parts not included in cost i.e. seals, bushings etc.

CRF250R 2008-2016

CRF450R 2008-2016

CRF450X 2008-2016